Van Decor has been providing professional services, knowledge, and truck and van accessories to Regina’s trades since 1992.


Preparing Fleet Vehicles for the daily grind.

Truck & Van Upfitters Regina

Where is Van Decor Regina?

We work for those who work for everyone else.

Your truck, van, or vehicle is as much a part of your job as your knowledge, training, and tools. Why not protect them and organize them with the right accessories?

Have Van Decor outfit your truck, van, or vehicle to suit your trade or service.

Van Decor has been providing professional services, knowledge, and truck and van accessories to Regina’s trades since 1992.

Contact Van Decor. Your Regina Truck & Van Upfitters for the professionals.

If you are in the service trade and require a truck or van to operate your business, you need to contact us.

No matter if you have one vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles, Van Decor can outfit them with the proper accessories to keep your staff, products, and clients safe. Not to mention helping you save money by no lost or damaged inventory or equipment.

Van Decor is located just 5 minutes west of Regina on Dewdney Avenue (Highway 730) past the Global Transportation Hub and just north of Grand Coulee.

View the map below for our location.

Van Decor Regina


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Custom Truck & Van Outfitter
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Van Decor Regina

Van Decor customizes and outfits vehicles for those who work in the field. Trades need to look professional, stay organized and don’t want to lose profit to lost, broken, or stolen tools and inventory.

We have products for all. General Contractor, Delivery, Electrician, HVAC, Locksmith, Mechanical, Painter, Plumbing, Public Utilities, Roofing & Siding, Remodeling, Telecommunications, Satellite Installations, Refrigeration, Landscaping, and General Service.


Customizing Vans, Trucks, Trailers, and more for all trades and industries.

  • Contractors
  • Eavestroughs
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Landscapers
  • Refrigeration
  • Roofing
  • Couriers
  • Siding & Stucco
  • Telecommunications
  • Cable & Satellite Installers
  • Window Washing
  • Oil & Gas

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Our Location

Van Decor is located west of Regina. West of the Global Transportation Hub on Dewdney Avenue.