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The possibilities are endless Regina. We have a product for every truck and van. Work smarter not harder. Protect your tools, equipment and products.


Van Decor has been outfitting trucks and vans for over 20 years to some of the largest provincial utilities and to one-man electrical and plumbing companies.


We have some of the best installers and products on the market. You are a professional and we supply to professionals. Government, Fleets and Individuals.

Truck and Van accessories for Regina Trades

Protect your Tools, Products, Equipment and Yourself

Truck and van accessories for Regina’s trades and professionals

We work for those that work for everyone else.  For 20+ years Van Decor has been outfitting trucks, vans, trailers and just about any type of vehicle used by Regina tradespeople. We understand that your truck and van needs to stay organized.

Truck & Van AccessoriesVan Decor knows you need to protect your inventory of parts and especially your tools. You spend so much on your tools and you can’t afford to lose them or have them damaged because they are bouncing around in the back of your truck and van.

Most of all you need to protect yourself. Tools and equipment can easily become air-borne if you have to stop suddenly. Van Decor has partitions that are installed between you and your cargo.



Van Decor is approved to affix the National Safety Mark label.

Transport Canada safety regulations require all companies that modify or add equipment to new vehicles to be registered and approved by Transport Canada.

The Safety Mark approval confirms that Van Decor is compliant with all current Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and have demonstrated through proven test methods that all additions and modifications are performed within the CMVSS guidelines.

As a professional, you probably spend as much time or more in your truck or van than you do in the office or even at home.

Why not make your truck or van more comfortable, more organized, more professional.

Truck and Van Accessories for you Fleet vehicles

Accessories for Fleet Vehicles in ReginaFor fleet managers and professional tradespeople looking for the best in work vehicle organization, Van Decor is a complete source for providing a wide range of truck accessories and fleet outfitting products with quality installation. We transform vans, trucks, pickups & SUV’s into efficient work vehicle systems.

Van Decor’s experienced, loyal and dedicated staff takes vehicle outfitting seriously. We are not just another van outfitting company or truck accessories store. We are specialists in serving commercial clients from Weyburn to Southey and White City to Grand Coulee.


Van Decor of Regina | Outfitting the Professionals

Need our services but don’t have the time to run around to
deliver trucks and vans to be outfitted?

Van Decor knows that time equals money.

We offer a concierge service.

Professional staff from Van Decor will come to you business to deliver the vehicles back to our new, spacious shop. There, we will do what we do best and deliver the vehicles back to you so that you can do what you do best.

Book your vehicles with us and we will come to your business, outfit them with top quality truck and van accessories and deliver them back when complete.

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